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Our services serve as strategies and solutions that will propel your business to new heights

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We are a full-Service digital marketing agency

There are people searching online for information, products, and services that your business can provide for them. If you don’t have a digital marketing strategy or a website optimized for your potential customers to find you, you are losing revenue every minute.

At Blue Marlon Digital, every service we provide are solutions that work together to guide your audience to your website. We can help your business become discovered from search engines, social media, and email marketing campaigns.  

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Brand development that aligns with your audience

Building your brand involves more than a logo and font selection for your business or signature. Brand development can be broken down into three phases: brand strategy, brand identity, and brand marketing.

The content on your website, which includes your brand identity, has to stop your audience in their tracks and create engagement. At Blue Marlon, our professionals can apply appealing photography, graphic design, video, and aerial drone footage.

We can make your website optimized for search discovery

A website that is not optimized for search discovery and strong digital marketing strategies is like throwing a party and no one showing up. We provide website hosting on our virtual network of servers so that your web pages load fast.

We conduct thorough content keyword research that relates to the searches your audience is typing into search engines. Site structure, navigation, Copywriting, and link game must be strong.

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How does it work?

Whether you need to start a new digital journey or need us to audit your current one, we will work with you to establish an organized process for your timeline and budget.

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Our first priority is to get to know you and your business. We need to learn about your story, vision, and business goals. This will help us understand the services and solutions that are needed to help determine your project requirements, budget, and timeline.


The next step will involve performing research that will help us create a digital marketing plan for you. We need to understand the current state of the ecosystem your industry is undergoing. A SWOT analysis including your competitive environment, or any external factors will be considered.


After we have completed researching your industry, current competitive environment, and your needs, we will then consult with you our recommendations. This could include al a carte services or one of our packages.

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Next, we will work together with you to calculate an estimated budget that is required for each project deliverable. Each requirement will build upon each other as a process, so this will allow you to understand the breakdown of costs related to:

  • Branding development
  • Website development
  • Website Domain creation/migration/hosting
  • Social media account audit/creation


Once we have a budget in place, we will then schedule milestones for each project deliverable. For example, we will estimate a completion date for your logo to be complete.  Once we have signed off on that, we will move on to developing your website.

Packages Designed For Digital Growth

The services we provide serve a purpose similar to the how the parts of the engine under the hood of your vehicle work together.

  • You can’t have a website without an SEO strategy to be discovered online.
  • In order to drive traffic to your website, you must have lead generation from social media, and email marketing campaigns.
  • In order for your website pages to load fast, you must have a reliable hosting provider
  • If you need to reach a targeted audience for your products or services, you have to invest in paid digital advertising strategies
  • If you want your business to stand out and disrupt your competitors, you must have effective branding strategies.
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Build An Online Presence

Launching your business into the digital frontier can be a challenging project for any small business. We will work with you to help scale your presence to a larger audience who search for your products and services.

Affordable, Effective Solutions

Our success depends on your success, because we want to build a lasting business partnership as your digital consultant. We apply value and quality attributes with effective solutions to scale your business for revenue growth.