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Content development for search engine optimization, social media, and email marketing


Search engines reward business with content that is valuable, relevant, and consistent. Your website should contain content that provides the solutions for what your audience is looking for. Your content should match the “user intent” with keywords and semantic meaning based on what your audience is searching for.

Also, your images and video should contain ALT text that describes what they represent for accessibility and image searches.

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Social Media Marketing

Your content marketing strategy should be determined before you decide what social media channels will generate awareness, engagement, and ultimately convert website traffic into revenue conversions.

Your social media content should include images, video, hashtag research, and ALT text for SEO.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are effective with conversion funnels with social media marketing and PPC advertising.

Blue Marlon can design an appealing email design with appealing content, brand identity, and a call-to-action that leads your audience to a landing page.

Conversion goals from a call-to-action can represent a newsletter signup, product or service purchase, or to schedule and appointment.

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Digital Advertising

Digital advertising strategies can assist your business reach out to a larger audience. PPC(pay-per-click) social media ads can allow your business reach a bigger audience than your friends and followers.

Google Ad campaigns are successful in giving a new business a boost in awareness and exposure at the top of SERP(search engine results pages).

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Video Content

The engagement from video content has exploded in recent years, not on from website content but on social media channels. To take things further, short video content from 15-30 seconds has aligned with behavioral engagement patterns based on short attention spans, and the busy lives we live.

It’s no disputing why search engines and social media algorithms have shifted to boost websites and social media content that include video formats. Including video content with your digital marketing strategy is crucial in boosting your brand awareness, visibility, and sales conversions.

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Professional Photography

High resolution photography can boost your SEO, business credibility, and reputation. Investing in high resolution photography content can bring your business a higher rate of return for your website, social media profiles, and Google Business Profile. 

Blue Marlon can optimize your images so that your website loads faster without losing image resolution. High resolution images can enhance the aesthetics of your website, especially professional head shots for your team. 

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Blogging remains one of the most effective content formats for inbound marketing. Successful blog campaigns can increase brand awareness, credibility, conversions, and boost sales.

Blogs should include content that is valuable, reputable, and engaging. They should be broad in topic and be structured with a captive headline, convincing body, and a conclusion that drives the reader to take action.

Taking action should be represented by a “call-to-action” button or link that leads the reader to purchase a product or service, contact your business, or any other conversion goal for your business.

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Infographics & Data Visualization

Visual content continues to result in more audience engagement. Infographics and data visualization content that include charts, statistics, and storytelling can be an effective tool for the reader that needs information compressed. Data can be easily digested from visual charts, graphs, icons, and images that can be too complex for the reader to understand.

Infographics and data visualization content marketing can are rewarded by search engines because they communicate solutions that are valuable if they are from reputable sources.

Blue Marlon can create custom infographics and data visualization content for your business.

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Content Marketing

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