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A website without SEO is a liability for your business


SEO is the most effective inbound marketing channel

Search engine optimization is the most effective inbound digital marketing channel because it aligns with what your audience is looking for on search engines with the content on your website.

Think about a time when you have searched for a product, business, service, or an answer to a question on Google. The first page of results displays a link that displays relevant information to what you are searching for. You notice it is a link to exactly what you were searching for.


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Become Visible to your audience

A website alone will not attract visitors to your website. Your web pages and content have to maintain visibility on the first page of search results if you want to increase traffic.

Without a sound SEO implementation, you will notice that you are not receiving phone calls, emails, appointments, and most importantly – sales.

At Blue Marlon, we begin our SEO implementation during the development of your website, otherwise know as  technical SEO.

We will conduct a thorough analysis with research into your industry. If we are redesigning your website, we will conduct and in-depth audit in order to discover why your website is not attracting traffic, why your visitors are not staying on your website or web pages, and why they are not motivated to take action.

content is everything

Your website content has to attract the right audience. They represent who you want to sell your services and products to. They are searching for solutions to their problems, and your content has to provide them with the information that describes how and why your services and products will solve their problems. 

Your content can also be represented as images or videos. Displaying visual proof of your portfolio of success, or a video that describes how your services and products can solve a problem they are searching for.


Research & Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Blue Marlon can research and find opportunities for your business to gain a competitive advantage over your competition.

Social Media Competitor Analysis

Keep track of  your competitor’s social media presence. Learn more about their engagement, following, and which hashtags are performing the best.

Market Analysis

Receive ongoing monthly reporting on how well your business is stacked against your competitors in your market. Learn more about how well your industry is performing in your market and discover opportunities to increase your digital presence.

Keyword Research & Analysis

Comprehensive keyword research strategies that align with your content development. Discover and track the keywords that are ranking at the top.

  • Position Tracking
  • PPC Keyword Research
  • Organic Keyword Research
  • Keyword Gap Analysis

On-Page SEO

Site Audit

When you sign up for our SEO, or Local SEO services we will provide you with an initial site-wide audit. We will also include a monthly audit during your campaign.

  • Crawlability
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Site Performance
  • Internal Linking

Mobile-Friendly Optimization

Search engines now prioritize mobile indexing for your website over desktop. Blue Marlon can monitor and audit your website responsive design and resolve any view-port issues that arise.

New mobile devices are introduced every year, so its crucial that your web pages are always user friendly for new browsers and view-port devices.

On-Page Analysis

Blue Marlon can provide suggestions from discovered weaknesses on your website. We provide consulting on how to improve your rankings.

  • Strategy sessions
  • Back-link opportunities
  • Technical SEO consulting
  • Semantic content strategies
  • Content development
  • User Experience(UX) analysis
  • SERP(Search Engine Results Page) Consulting

Content Development

Content is king! Blue Marlon can assist your business with content optimization including readability, copywriting, originality, and keywords.

Content should include rich meaning, topics, and convincing information that leads to action. Action that converts site visitors in sales!

UX/UI Conversion Rate Optimization

Do you know your rate of website traffic per month? Better yet, do you know the ratio of website traffic you are converting into sales?  If you don’t, you could be losing out on revenue and your website investment is putting you in the red.

Blue Marlon can optimize the user experience and interface of your website so that it is optimized for conversions. We connect your website to our Google Analytics dashboard, tag the elements that your audience interacts with, and measure these conversions. We produce monthly reporting and on-going optimization to understand what is working and how we can improve your website for a higher return from your investment.

Schema Markup

Schema markup is a data vocabulary that helps search engines understand you website information, to enhance and serve the layout of results when someone views your search listing.

Rich snippets can be configured for events, purchases, appointments, or any other goal to increase click thru rates for a higher rate of conversions.


Local SEO

Google Business Profile

  • On-page website optimization
  • Consistent business listing information
  • Accurate and up to date NAP(name, address, phone number).
  • Number of quality reviews
  • Consistent Google posts


Local 3-Pack Optimization

The local 3-pack is where your business should be when someone searches for your products or services based on location criteria.

  • Relevance of search criteria
  • Distance from the device search to your business
  • Review Ratings and trustworthiness

Business Listing

There are so many online business directories, review sites, and of course social media channels. Blue Marlon can always ensure that your information is current and accurate for every listing across the web.

Position Tracking

The content on your website, Google posts, and social media content should contain keywords and semantic meaning that reflects the search intent for your business.

Blue Marlon can keep track of the ranking position of the keywords that will help your website rank at the top of search results that match the intent from your audience.