Search Engine Optimization & Digital Advertising For Lead Generation

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SEO & Lead Generation

Search engine optimization is a skill with the goal of aligning the content on your website, landing pages, or other content formats with the search patterns of your target audience.

So how can SEO assist your marketing strategies with lead generation? Think about a time when you have typed certain keywords for a solution on Google search, and on the first page of the results you notice a link to an social media account with text that displays relevant information to what you are searching for. You notice it is a link to a business Facebook page, and when you click on the link you notice that the business provides services that will help you.  So you click on the main website link for the business and you land on a blog that describes the same problem you are experiencing. At the end of the blog there is a button that leads you to a form to fill out to contact a salesperson.  This is how SEO assists with lead generation! From the business perspective on this example, the business has done their research and used tools to discover what their target consumer is searching for. They included this information on their Facebook page, and the content in the blog on their website. So it was easy for the consumer to discover answers to what they were searching for, and the business was able to lead their consumer from the Google search results, to their social media business page, to their website, in the blog, to a conversion event for the consumer to contact them.

Search engine optimization also requires the website to be technically sound for conversions like the example above to work.

  • the web page has to load fast
  • the interface has to be easy to understand
  • the landing page has to be visually appealing with easy to read headlines, text, and a consistent color scheme


This is called technical SEO, and periodically they are included in audits to ensure that every element and web page are following optimization rules for maximum performance.

It’s important to understand that one of our goals at Blue Marlon is to help your business drive quality leads for conversions. What this means is that when we perform a thorough keyword analysis from the keyword research tools, we will hone in on structuring your content that aligns with what your audience is searching for to match the products or services that you are selling.

We are ready to help your business with our SEO and lead generation strategies!

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Cookie-Free Digital Advertising


Can you imagine viewing a map on your desktop or mobile device and setting up a boundary around a particular area? Now imagine being able to capture anyone’s mobile phone device id when they are within that boundary. When someone arrives back home and they link the device to their wifi network, your ads will display on Hulu, Samsung Smart TVs, or any other device that is similar.

Blue Marlon can create this boundary for your business and set up an IP-targeted campaign without using cookies or fraudulent advertising schemes.

This is cutting-edge digital advertising technology that correlates physical home addresses with IP addresses from readily available offline data. By matching the physical home address with IP addresses, we can process ads to the id of the device. No cookies required!

We can help your business create strategies for

  • Venue Replay
  • Web-To-Home print media
  • digital new movers

Pay Per Click Services


You may be confused with the abbreviations SEO and SEM. Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing reflect different search ranking strategies. Both are geared towards giving your website, blog, or any of your content ranked at the top of search results.

Search engine optimization strategies should always be considered as your “long game.” It will take time to structure your content, backlinks, inbound links, and credibility through exposure over the web.

Search engine marketing provides a boost to advertise your content, website, products, services, or special promotions by paying for the placement at the top of search engine results. Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most frequent strategies of paid advertising on Google or Bing.

So simply put, SEO is a result of all the hard work and time dedicated to building an online reputation earned from valuable, quality content that has earned its way to the top of search results. SEM is a process of purchasing placement on a strategic location on a search page as paid advertising.

SEO for lead generation is mandatory if you have any intentions of growing your business online. Let's get started!