Services structured for revenue conversion

Our mission is to help your business improve the quality and value of your website

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Web design

There are several reasons why your website may not be performing as well as it should. If you believe your website is experiencing any of the following issues:

  • Slow loading speed
  • Outdated Design
  • Non Responsive
  • Poor Content Structure
  • Bad Site Navigation
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Branding Strategies

At Blue Marlon we can assess your current position and evaluate cost efficient solutions for your digital marketing presence. We offer brand identity services that can help your business re-establish itself in the market such as:

  • Brand Identity, logo design and sensory elements
  • Brand Positioning Assessment
  • Brand Architecture evaluation
  • Brand Portfolio optimization
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Digital Marketing

Your website serves a purpose, and without a strong digital marketing strategy you may as well not even have one. We have the tools and the knowledge to help your business leverage a strong profit margin. Converting your web traffic into revenue is the bottom line.

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Web Development

We offer flexible web development options based on the scale of your business. From custom WordPress development if you just need a simple website, to completely customized sites that require a high level of engagement. Our professional developers can optimize your site for conversion.

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Search Engine Marketing

There are several avenues and channels that lead your target audience to your website. The most important channel is from search engines, mainly Google. Its not just crucial to be list your website on Google Business, but most importantly you need to be ranked at the top. Depending on your market short and long term strategies, we can help you be found.

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Social Media Marketing

The majority of us all have at least one social media account, and if you haven’t ever noticed it is full of ads. Social media platforms are lead generation platforms. The audience is huge, and when you filter your audience through your sales funnel from attractive content and eye popping attention grabbers, you have the ability to convert them into revenue.

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Content Marketing

Content is king. It is everything related to digital marketing. The goal of every marketing strategy requires research on how to inform and make your audience intelligent on the services your business provides. We have the skills and tools to research the keywords that are specific to your industry so that when your audience searches for the services or products they need, they will land on your website first.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is not dead, it may seem like an archaic for of advertising because we are so used to scanning our emails every morning when we wake up and before we got to bed.  Truth is, email marketing campaigns are underrated. Businesses that structure their email marketing campaigns can capitalize on lead generation that can result in revenue. We know how to help you generate leads.

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Conversion Rate Marketing

Your website means nothing without a digital marketing campaign, and a digital marketing campaign means nothing unless you can convert your audience into revenue. That is the bottom line, and its important for your business to implement the best strategies for conversion. The conversion ratio is one of the most important metrics we monitor over time with our Google Analytics dashboards.

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Website Maintenance

Your investment into the design, development, and structure of a  sound digital marketing strategy needs to stand the test of time and ever-changing technologies. At Blue Marlon, we offer flexible maintenance and support services that will ensure that the features, functionality, content, and SERP(search engine result pages) are constantly updated and modified for maximum efficiency.