Branding Strategies designed for familiar recognition

Is it time to evaluate your current position in your market?

As we move into the new year, your business may be considering new strategies to compete with others.  It may be time to further set yourself apart from the rest of the pack with a new strategy. External environment factors such as the covid-19 pandemic, economic recession, and volatile cultural tensions that have affected engagement on social media advertising platforms.


It’s time to step back and observe your position in the market. At Blue Marlon we can assess your current position and evaluate cost efficient solutions for your digital marketing presence. We offer brand identity services that can help your business re-establish itself in the market such as:


  • Brand Identity, including logo design and sensory elements
  • Brand Positioning Assessment
  • Brand Architecture evaluation
  • Brand Portfolio optimization


Our branding team will collaborate with our UX/UI design team to research your user behavior, and perform an analysis to understand your audience, their point of view, and interaction with your current website. Whether you may need a reactive rebranding strategy or a proactive one, we can help.