Capture your audience and Create Loyalty

Your website is useless without a digital marketing strategy

Search Engine optimization

There are several avenues and channels that lead your target audience to your website. The most important channel is from search engines, mainly Google. Its not just crucial to be list your website on Google Business, but most importantly you need to be ranked at the top. Depending on your market short and long term strategies, we can help you be found.

At Blue Marlon we can land you at the top, above your competition. We can devise a Google ad campaign and help you invest in ppc(pay per click) listings, or we can invest in a longer term strategy that relies on organic search capabilities.

Pay per click ad campaigns are usually made for short term, quick remedies to get place your business at the top of Google’s search pages. We research the keywords that relate to what your audience is looking for as it pertains to your industry, and depending on the value of the search words, you invest in those keywords or keyword phrases to bost your business to the top.

On the other hand, an organic search strategy is a long term digital marketing strategy that involves heavy research into the keywords or keyword phrases that your audience is using to find you, and we implement them into the content on your site. We can set up a Google Analytics account for you and provide a dashboard that will keep you informed of how your website’s content is performing relative to what your audience is typing into the search fields.

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Social Media Marketing

The majority of us all have at least one social media account, and if you haven’t ever noticed it is full of ads. Social media platforms are lead generation platforms. The audience is huge, and when you filter your audience through your sales funnel from attractive content and eye popping attention grabbers, you have the ability to convert them into revenue.

You don’t have to use every social media platform, just the ones that give your business the best chance of leading your audience to your website. At Blue Marlon, we can devise a social media campaign with content that will grab the attention of your potential customers and drive them to your website. We can setup the links on your website to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Yelp, or any other site with the appropriate audience relevant to your business model.

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Content Management

Content is king. It is everything related to digital marketing. The content of every marketing strategy requires research on how to inform and make your audience intelligent on the services your business provides.

Content strategies are the cornerstone of SEO, branding, social media marketing, email marketing, and off site marketing.  We can help you create content within each of the digital marketing strategies we offer to help you business continually inform and educate your audience. In turn, you will be rewarded with loyal customers who will keep returning for your website. Returning web traffic from a loyal audience can keep your conversion ratio high.  Along with loyalty programs, discounts, and membership affiliations, it’s the content that separates the successful businesses form the unsuccessful ones.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is not dead, it may seem like an archaic for of advertising because we are so used to scanning our emails every morning when we wake up and before we got to bed.  Truth is, email marketing campaigns are underrated. Businesses that structure their email marketing campaigns can capitalize on lead generation that can result in revenue.

At Blue Marlon, we can collaborate with you on email marketing campaigns that are specific to your industry. We can segment your campaign into newsletters, product or service updates, follow up purchase emails, and several more. We can setup call to action forms on your web pages inviting your target audience to subscribe to daily, weekly, or monthly newsletters that contain to keep them engaged.

Further, we can setup your analytics in web copy so we can track your results and fine tune your messaging by tracking your open rate, click through rate, and unsubscribe rate.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Your website means nothing without a digital marketing campaign, and a digital marketing campaign means nothing unless you can convert your audience into revenue. That is the bottom line, and its important for your business to implement the best strategies for conversion.

The conversion rate formula is simple, it’s the number of goal achievements divided by the number of site visitors that land on your web pages. Goal achievements describes whatever your business is striving for, whether it be adding a product to a Shopify cart on an e-commerce page, subscribing to a newsletter, requesting a proposal, or making a dinner reservation.

At Blue Marlon, we integrate our digital marketing strategies with our web design and development teams to ensure that your website is specifically designed for conversions. Every element, every page, feature and function all leads to motivating your audience to becoming a loyal customer.