Responsive Design scaled for every device

Responsive Design Image

The majority of website traffic originates from mobile devices

You may be viewing this page on your mobile device, and if you are it is because of responsive web design. This approach makes it possible for your content to be viewable on all devices based on screen orientation and and screen size. Responsiveness also allows your content to be viewable across all web browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Responsive design is necessary since your audience will most likely be viewing your website on the go. They may be searching for a restaurant, retail store, or another type of business that requires demand for your site visitors to interact with your business anywhere they are located at their convenience. At Blue Marlon, our design team emphasizes responsive design for every element on your webpage. We make sure to test every web page for effortless navigation across every device and browser so your audience doesn’t get frustrated and abandons your website.

We have access to the latest tools and technology that allow us to optimize the content, images, layout, navigation, and other elements without intruding on the design. This ensures that no matter what screen size, device, or browser they are interacting with on your website, nothing is compromised as far as their experience.  Converting your web traffic into revenue is the goal, and in order to make sure your conversion ratio is healthy, your audience must not encounter any interface issues.

When we collaborate with you during our design and development process, you will be able to notice the impact a clean, well structured responsive site can make for your target audience.