websites that load too slow contribute to lost revenue

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We can optimize your website to load faster

We have all experienced it before. You go to a website and it seems to take forever to load. You wait, and wait, and eventually you get frustrated and close out your browser, hit the back button, or just walk away. Slow loading site speed is one of the main reasons why people leave a website, so its imperative that your site is designed and optimized so that when someone visits your site, they continue to interact with it.

There is even a metric for this behavior, and its called bounce rate. At Blue Marlon, when we setup our customers websites, we offer Google analytic services to monitor the bounce rate of your site.  Over time, if we notice that your bounce rate is high, it can be contributed to several reasons. One of those reasons is a website that loads to slow, causing your visitors to jump ship and consider investing their time in your competition. So when it all comes down to it, its crucial that your website loads fast enough to keep your visitors engaged.

So what can cause a website to load slow? There are several reasons:

  • High resolution images that are not compressed
  • Not utilizing caching techniques
  • Unclean code including too many plugins
  • Too many HTTP requests
  • Bad hosting services
  • Not using a CDN service


At Blue Marlon, we understand the technicality of these issues, and we will make sure you won’t have to worry about them plaguing your load time.