Custom WordPress & Professional Web Development

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When your web design is ready, its time to build the engine that runs it

When it comes to website development, you have options. These options depend on the type of business you have, and the scope of your operations and budget. Some businesses just need a website that contains simple content without all the bells and whistles and a shared or managed hosting service. There are some websites that drive traffic on a massive scale, and requires content that is highly optimized with a dedicated server for faster site loading speed. At Blue Marlon we have the resources to cover the wide range of web development technology to serve your business needs.

We are experienced WordPress developers that can customize website themes using CSS and JavaScript along with the latest libraries and secure plugins. If you need a website built within a short window of time, we have the tools to customize unique themes that will ensure that your website is set apart from others. For businesses that require highely developed JavaScript code and professional web development, we have the resources and expertise to build highly advanced websites that require custom JavaScript and CSS programming along with a dedicated server for added effeciency and site speed.

Do you need to get a digital storefront up and running? We also offer the best e-commerce web development such as Shopify, and WooCommerce plugin widgets for WordPress. As brick and morter retail stores suffer with  limited capacity regulations from Covid-19, the demand for online retail and product display websites have skyrocketed. We can build custom digital storefronts to carry you over the pandemic hump for your business to capitalize on the consumer demand. We will work directly with you in perosn or remotely to help you build your dreams no matter what external environmental factors plague the economy.