Responsive Web Design & Development That Amplifies Your Digital Presence

Modern website and landing page designs that function efficiently and appeal to your audience.

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Modern, Responsive Website Design

The design and interface of a website serves a purpose. It takes a lot of hard work to land them on your site, so you will need your website to keep them there, and allow them to effortlessly find what they are looking for. Your website has to load fast because if it doesn’t, your audience will leave and may never come back.

The view-port(screen) of the device they are interacting with must adjust, or respond to the elements of your website. This is called responsive design, or also sometimes known as mobile-friendly design.  The most common of these view-ports are

  • mobile devices
  • wide desktop monitors
  • tablets

It also must render efficiently on

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Windows browsers

It’s especially crucial for your website to render fast on mobile devices since more than half of all website traffic originates from cell phones. Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool has placed more emphasis on websites that render efficiently on mobile devices.

Content Is King, Consistency is Queen!

Your website must also include a strong content marketing strategy. A content marketing strategy? Why is this important? Ask yourself why you sell your services and products, and the answer will tell you what you are actually selling. Your customers are searching for a solution that fulfills their needs and wants. Blue Marlon can help your business create the best method of delivering the value of your services and products as information your customers are searching for. Content can come in the form as

  • blog posts
  • video
  • eBook’s
  • whitepaper reports
  • info-graphics
  • podcasts
  • Social Media


Your content is useless without a call-to-action button, such as “learn more”, “Buy Now!”, or “Subscribe!”

Your content should demonstrate your knowledge of the subject matter, and demonstrate credibility of your knowledge. When you have stated your case, then you hook them with your “call-to-action” button.  This is how you drive leads, conversions, and traffic to your website from the listed forms of content marketing above.

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WordPress Website Development

Website development focuses on the functionality of your website. It’s important to ensure that your audience can navigate effortlessly between web pages, and not be confused or get lost searching for what they need. The experience should be focused on your audience. The design and development teams work together to fine tune the user experience(UX) and user interface(UI) to ensure the functionality aligns with an appealing design.

We specialize in WordPress content management system development. We incorporate talented developers that can build your site with custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript experience.

Blue Marlon provides managed WordPress hosting services that outperform traditional hosting providers. Learn more about why our hosting platform can provide faster page loading speeds, multi-layer security protocols, and 24/7/365 support.

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Landing Pages Optimized For Conversions

We also provide landing page design services. A well designed landing page can stand alone to funnel traffic from social media, newsletters, or search engines to convert leads into your goals. These goals can be in the form of email subscriptions, purchases, quotes, proposals, or even a phone call.

Our landing page design process includes ongoing testing to ensure that the design is optimized for conversions. We will test different styles, layouts, and shuffle elements around on your page. With heat map tools will be able to discover how your audience interacts with your website to uncover user behavior. This is called conversion rate optimization.

We will incorporate all of the necessary ingredients customized for a digital experience that creates loyalty.