Small Business Website Development

Increase your sales conversions with a Website that loads fast, tailored for any business

Small Business Website Services

Blue Marlon Digital provides high quality website development services for your business, no matter how large or small. Your new website will be SEO ready, with features tailored for converting website traffic into sales conversions.

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Small Business Website Development

Responsive Design

Our team will ensure that your website will render on every screen size, mobile device, and web browser.

Your new website will also be mobile-friendly – designed and optimized for hand-held devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Template-Ready Layouts

Save time and money without the need of a custom web design process. We offer a variety of templates that are tailored for your business needs.

Simple Content Management

After your new website is launched, we provide content management services each month for the life of your contract. Upload images, text, and video as your business grows.

Reliable and Secure Hosting

We can assist you with creating a new branded domain, or we can migrate your current domain to our server. We offer a variety of hosting plans scalable for any amount of anticipated website traffic.

Types of small business web pages

Home Page

Your home page should represent the main hub of your entire website. It's usually the first page your visitors will land on, so an appealing cover photo our video should be inviting and motivate your visitors to scroll down to inquire more about who you are, and the solutions you provide for your audience. A strategically placed "call-to-action" button should also be included on the top of the home page that represents the action you intend for your visitor to take.

About Page

Your about page should inform your visitors about who you are as a business. The about page should demonstrate your industry knowledge, credibility, testimonials, and your story. The about page should also include head-shot images and bio's of your team members, staff, or stakeholders. Including memberships or affiliations with industry organizations or community involvement is also recommended. It's not always a bad idea to also include links to news articles or events.

Contact Page

The contact page should give the site visitor all of the information they need in order to find your business location, how to contact your business or departments. A map integration is suggested especially form mobile devices so that they can discover your location on the go.

Services Page

A service page is necessary if you provide services as a form of revenue. This can range from real estate, mortgage, legal, insurance, engineering, or consulting services. Services represent transactions where no physical goods are exchanged from the seller to the buyer.

Portfolio Page

Portfolio pages are designed to showcase your experience, projects, and your professional work. Portfolio pages usually include high resolution photography, video, galleries, or slideshows. Portfolio pages will usually require a high degree of content management. Periodic updates, and conversion rate optimization play a big role.

Resource Page

A resource page is a great way for your visitor to inquire more about your operations, terms and conditions, product information, special events, or company updates. A frequently asked questions(FAQ) section and search section can greatly increase your SEO with a wealth of information your audience is searching for.

Landing Page

Landing pages are specifically meant to drive website traffic from search engines, social media channels, and email marketing campaigns. The purpose of a landing page for small businesses is to convert traffic into your goals. These goals can represent sign up forms, newsletters, product sales, service subscriptions, and more! A strategically placed "call-to-action" should drive conversions.

Custom 404 Page

What if your website is down for maintenance, or the Blue Marlon team is updating your site or a specific web page? It is important to display a custom 404 page to inform your site visitors why the page or website is down, and a rough timeline of when it will be back up soon. This prevents your audience from taking their business elsewhere, because they may never come back!

Small Business Website Development

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