Capture the attention of your audience with engaging content.


Why Blue Marlon Social Media Marketing & Account Management?

Managing social media business accounts require a lot of time and hard work. It requires skillfully designed content and engagement with your followers, groups, friends, and network. You may have realized that you can’t just create a post, story, blog, or video and expect the magic to work on its own.

Marketing That Emphasizes Content Design, Engagement, And Buyer Personas

At Blue Marlon, our digital technology platform emphasizes content marketing, human engagement behavior, and the user experience. We specialize in researching the demographics of your target audience, creating content that speaks to them, and leading them down a journey that builds loyalty for your products and services. Your consumers are trying to solve problems in their lives, and your business must provide them with the solutions they are searching for. If you can’t, then your potential consumers will go somewhere else.

Our Process Aligns With The Customer Journey - From Awareness To Brand Loyalty

We created our social media marketing and account management packages that align with the customer journey:

  • Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Conversion
  • Loyal Consumer


So why Blue Marlon? We have the knowledge, experience, and tools to discover what problems your target audience is searching for

Social Media Marketing Packages

Awareness Package

Perfect for New Social Media Business Accounts Or Accounts That Need Better Management
  • Social Media Audit
  • Strategy Session
  • Account Creation/Optimization
  • Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, TikTok
  • Facebook Business Suite Setup
  • Facebook Ad Manager Setup
  • Facebook/Instagram integration
  • Post Scheduling
  • PPC Social Media Ads(Ad budget not included in monthly subscription)
  • 20 Content Posts Per Month
  • Types of Posts: Carousel, Video, 'Stories', photos
Monitoring/Engagement/Monthly Reporting
  • Relevant Hashtags
  • Social Tagging
  • Lead Generation/magnets
  • Social Network Reach
  • Content insights
  • Audience insights
  • Awareness metrics
  • Engagement metrics
  • Conversion metrics
  • 6 Month Contract Required

Conversion Funnel Package

Perfect for boosting engagement,lead generation, & website traffic into sales
  • Social Media Ads(Ad budget not included with monthly subscription)
  • Social Media Ads(Ad budget not included with monthly subscription)
  • Strategy Session
  • Email list building
  • Email marketing content creation
  • landing page design
  • Sign-up forms
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Heatmap testing
  • Event giveaway/raffle marketing
Goal Tracking & Conversion Measurement
  • Google Tag Manager Configuration
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Google Ad Account Configuration
  • Facebook Ad Configuration
  • Facebook Pixel Configuration
  • Facebook/Instagram analytics reporting
  • Google Analytics reporting
  • Email Analytics Reporting
  • Minimum 3 Month Campaign Required